Monday, April 6, 2015

Sleep Talking In Spanish and Learning English In Honduras

I think this week was a little calmer. I did get a little sick and we had divisions with the sister training leaders, but other than that it was pretty calm.

Cool things I learned this week:

 -following up is how we show the people we teach that we love them and have faith in the promises God has made.

 -the bus system is a lot more convenient than I thought. Mom, you asked about that. We usually walk. Before we always took taxi to go to centro and to our meetings. Now that I am learning how to use the bus system I hope we can take those more often.

 -helping someone with their English homework I learned when and how to use a/an. Who knew that would be on the list of things I would learn in Honduras...

 -Hna. Maria (she just barely hit one year of being a member) has a very powerful testimony. We had a lesson with her and her daughter. We asked her to share her experience and the spirit was strong as she invited her daughter to pray and ask if these things are true.

 -When I sleep talk my companion obeys me. :) Apparently I dream in Spanish :) I just told her that she needed to get up and go to another room because someone else was coming. She had just gotten back from a bathroom break and was half asleep. So when I told her to go she did! Once she got to the study table with her blanket and everything she finally woke up enough to think about what she was doing and realize it was silly :)

 -I had missed thunderstorms.

 -even though I haven't practiced in 6 weeks I can still make a decent tortilla :)

 -Linda is so happy and progressing very well. I am sad I am not going to see her baptism, but I know that is the day she needs to get baptised. I can see it in her face!

 -There are lots of cool scriptures in the bible. ex. ''Guardaos de los perros.'' (Philippians 3:2) and 2 Thessalonians 2:10-16 (This one is actually a really good one.)

 -In seeking the spirit your mind and body will be renewed.

 -I still have people I need to find here before I go home. So now I have to get to work applying everything I learned this week. I hope you enjoy your Semana Santa and General Conference this weekend!!!

Hasta La próxima!
Hermana Thacker

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