Sunday, March 29, 2015

Getting On The Same Page

I have a new companion!!!! And I am back to working in my area!!!

But I forgot the pictures... So you'll have to wait.

This week has been crazy.

     Tuesday the hermanas dropped me off in la Lima where I was going to wait for my new companion. Then they cancelled the flight of all of the new missionaries that was coming in. The MTC sent them later on a flight that came in at 10:30 pm. That meant I had to figure out what to do in the meantime. So the hermanas from Porvenir offered to let me come with them. So I got to go back to Porvenir for a day!

     Wednesday in the morning I got dropped off in la Lima again to pick up my companion for real this time. And we got back to work!

     We have walked and walked and walked, gotten sun burned, had a good number of appointments fall through, (you know all of the usual stuff) but I am so happy to be back in my branch. :) The neatest thing I have seen is how Heavenly Father has continued to prepare His children. It has been interesting to see who has progressed without us and who has not. I was kind of surprised.

     One investigator we have been working with for more than two months has struggled with accepting a baptismal date. In our absence she has made plans with her aunt and they set a date. Our investigator is happily progressing.

     Another used to participate in the Gospel Principles class saying that he and his family is Evangelico and that he was only coming to church for his wife. This Sunday his participation was filled with, ''I used to be Evangelico, and I used to come for my wife...'' topped with invitations for all of the new investigators to pray and ask God. Testifying that they would get an answer.

     And then we have a new investigator. He showed up with his aunt and basically said, ''Here I am. Teach me. I want to know more.''

     Heavenly Father really is the one who is preparing the hearts of the people we are teaching.We just have to learn to get on the same page as Him. It never ceases to amaze me how perfect Heavenly Father's plan is. What miracles have you seen this week?

Hasta la próxima,
Hna. Thacker

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