Sunday, March 8, 2015

Missionary Work Is More Exciting Than A Hurricane Warning

Exciting news of the week:

     This week we had a hurricane warning... Everyone we went to visit had thought we weren't going to show up. They thought we were crazy for being out of the house asked us if we were aware that they had cancelled school and everything. In the end it was a very less than impressive rain storm. So we got to continue being missionaries :)

     But even cooler than a hurricane warning was when German and Adonay showed up for church. They are a father and son that we have been visiting and they finally made it to church! Lots of members of the branch went out of their way to welcome them, and they left excited to come back next week! And the next! And to the Elder's Quorum Fishing Trip! They have so much potential and I am so excited to see their progress!

     We had a neat lesson with them Saturday and he asked us an interesting question. He always has lots of questions, but this was my favorite. We were finishing up the lesson when out of the blue he asked, ''What do you see in me?'' I was never expecting that question, but the words came to my mind to tell him that we see a child of God with incredible potential. We shared how we know that the gospel will help him reach his potential and that's why we visit him. Afterword he was quiet and didn't say much more about it, but the Spirit was there. I really love it when the Spirit testifies to the hearts of the people we visit that they are children of God. Those are remarkable moments.

     I know that God lives and that we are His children. As such we have amazing potential. He has a plan for each and every one of us. He loves us and wants the best for us. That has been emphasized in my week.

     Bueno, that's all this week, Hasta la proxima.

Hermana Thacker

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