Sunday, March 15, 2015

Trusting in the Lord

     So... My companion went home last week. This week I have been working in a trio with the other hermanas that are in this same city. That means that we have been trying to work in two areas in two different branches on two different ends of the city. It has been an adventure....

     We also had a Zone conference with the Area President, learned how to take someone's blood pressure, scaled bathroom walls, a lady recited Psalm 23 for us and kissed my shoulder, and we worked with members I wouldn't have thought of taking with me to visit.

 It's an adventure.

 -My favorite part of what Elder Duncan shared with us was about vision. We have the right and to seek the Lords vision for our areas. He explained the importance of keeping in mind what can be achieved in one, five, or twenty years from now in our areas. Sometimes I get a little narrow minded and think of everything in terms of 6 week transfers and forget to look at the bigger picture. It was a good reminder to seek the Lord's vision of what can be achieved and not be so narrow minded.

 -One of my new companions is the mission nurse. A little old lady we visited had a stethoscope and a blood pressure cuff and needed her blood pressure taken. But my companion had never taken blood pressure before. So we used the little that I remembered from my Anatomy and Physiology class, checked her special nurse phone, and took a lady's blood pressure.

 -The lock on the bathroom stall broke, so my other new companion had to climb over the wall to get out of the bathroom... Adventure.

 -Awkward. She was a little crazy but didn't want to accept the pamphlet I offered. I was just glad it was Psalm 23 and not Psalm 91.

 -Working with members--This part was really cool. There are two hermanas who live in the area of our branch but attend the other branch. I never would have thought to invite them to go visiting with us, but thanks to the circumstances I got to work with them this week. One was able to share a past experience and testimony that was exactly what my investigator needed. With the other we were able to have a really neat lesson with a strong spirit and I could see in the face of the member and the less active we visited that it was exactly what they both needed. It taught me that Heavenly Father knows  His children and what they need. He has a perfect plan.

     This cambio (transfer) has been one of the craziest, but I have learned that Heavenly Father loves us and has a plan. I have learned more about faith and trusting Heavenly Father. I have been able to see how Hna. Ruiz needed to come to the mission, have the experiences she had, and that she had to go home. This week I could see how this affected the area and how things are still happening the way they need to happen. Like the visits we had with these two hermanas. Things haven't happened by accident and I am so glad Heavenly Father has it all worked out.

Bueno, hasta la próxima!

Hna. Thacker

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