Sunday, February 22, 2015

Close To Her Heart

Wow. This week has been crazy, but we've had some good experiences.

     Do you remember how a couple of months ago I told you about a p-day de zona that we had where we went to Santiago? I sent the picture of me in something that resembled a corn field. Out in the middle of nowhere looking for ruins and alligators that we never found... Well, there we went and ate baleadas in the house of a member that lived really high up a mountain/large hill.

      This week we found the daughter of the member that gave us baleadas three months ago in Santiago... The daughter is not a member, but her son that lives with her mother, her parents, and other family that live out in Santiago are all members. Her son actually just sent in his mission papers and is waiting for his call.

     When she understood who we are and who we represent she was so very happy. She explained that when she went to visit her mom and son she had listened to the missionaries there and liked what they were sharing, but had to come back to home. She had a testimony form what they had taught her but hadn't found the church here yet. We had a short but powerful lesson with her. She has so much potential!

     My favorite part was how she held the Book of Mormon we gave her close to her heart as we walked away. It was incredible.

     In the same day my companion was able to invite another of our investigators to be baptised and she accepted! The spirit we felt in that lesson and the joy when she accepted our invitation is unforgettable.

     Long story short, we had one of the best afternoons I have ever had in my mission.

     I really do love being a missionary!

Bueno, Hasta la próxima!
Hna. Thacker

Saturday, February 14, 2015

New Companion!!!

I have a new companion!!!

​Hermana Ruiz--She's from Ecuador, is a professional chef, and is pretty cool. She has a brother serving in McKayla's mission and a friend from her ward serving in Bekah's mission. What are the odds.

     She's pretty new and that makes things exciting and makes it all one heck of an adventure. She is really good at following the Spirit in our lessons. Sometimes she takes the lessons in directions I would have never even imagined possible, but leaving the lessons explains how she felt she needed to say that. She is a great missionary.

     I am excited for this new cambio and the adventures it will surely bring!

Hasta la próxima!
Hna. Thacker


    Today I was reading about Abinidi. I realized he didn't have a single baptism and the lesson that we have record that he taught was to a bunch of inactive members who didn't seem to want anything to do with the Church. But because he was fearless and followed the spirit one of those less actives made the choice to return. And with him came many, many more. Less active members tend to have that power. We are seeing that here. Like I told you, every time we go contacting we find another member or family that used to attend.

     One is Leslie. She felt the spirit in the lesson we had with her and she has done all she can to come back to church. As she is, she is bringing her three kids, a niece, and neighbors.

     Another is Indira. She has made the decision to come back for good and it shows in how she helps us. This week she brought another investigator to church for us.

     Another is Roberto. He is pretty cool. He was afraid to come back, so he brought a friend to make it easier. As he takes the time to explain to his friend what is going on he is remembering more and more of why he joined the church in the first place.

     I love seeing them as they begin to remember and feel what they felt at the time when they first came to church. It animates me to keep going. I just made me a little sad to think about how Abinidi didn't get to see that with Alma. But these stories inspire me and remind me that no one is too lost and second chances are real. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary and to see these miracles! Heavenly Father lives and loves every one of His children!

    This week is cambios. I'll let you know next week what happens.

Hermana Thacker

ps. Our zone had a p-day in the playa. We had the task of organizing a fun activity for the hermanas, so we planned a fun Amazing Race type activity. We even borrowed these tubs to make them balance them on their heads like the Garifunas selling Pan de Coco. Long story short they rearranged/cancelled the activity so we were left looking silly with giant tubs on the beach. But we couldn't let looking silly go to waste so we took pictures...

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Personal Revelation Is Essential

It's been a good week full of adventures.

    I saw a real live anteater this week. It was chained to a fence like a dog. It was on the double-take that we realized that it wasn't just any old dog...

     I learned that I don't speak English well. A little boy we met is studying in a bilingual school. Our investigators were trying to talk him into speaking English with me. Finally he said, ''How are you?'' ''Great! How are you?'' I responded. ''No! No! No!'' he told me. ''That's not how it goes. You have to say, 'I am fine, thank you. And you?'''

     I clearly didn't follow the dialog... :)

     We also had some neat lessons. One was with a new investigator. She told us how she had felt when she prayed to ask if the things we had shared were true. As she did so the Spirit filled the room. It's a pretty cool experience listening to investigators bear the testimony they have been acquiring. It reminded me of the things President shared with us in our Reunion de Zona this week. He talked about how those who endure to the end are those who learned to pray and receive personal revelation.

     The other that I really liked was one with an inactive hermano. As he explained his story and why he left the church it became clear that he hadn't quite achieved his own testimony. This visit we answered his questions and invited him to pray. The experience with him made it clear how important personal revelation is. As we seek our own personal testimony and witness we learn to be able to stand strong and stand on our own. It allows us to progress more than ever.

     So I have been thinking about that a lot. Personal revelation really is essential for our salvation.

     Bueno, long story short... this week's been a good one and I am looking forward to this coming semana.

Hasta la próxima!
Hna. Thacker