Monday, April 6, 2015

Semana Santa=Vacation Week

     This week has been a little more exciting. It involved Semana Santa and the beach, contacting in the park, a GIANT Book of Mormon, and General Conference!!

     Semana Santa=Vacation Week. This is touristic and the best thing everyone says it has to offer is la playa. So this week the city was flooded with tourists. It was crazy!! Semana Santa tourists inspired the Webbs to organize a week of contacting in the park...

     This is Elder Webb with the big poster they had made. They got a whole bunch of copies of the Book of Mormon and pamphlets galore. The Zone Leaders organized everyone into shifts and we all took turns in the park contacting. This was one of our days...

     ​And here we are with the giant Book of Mormon and Indira. I'm pretty sure I told you about her. She came with us to help out. It was a fun adventure and a good change. The goal was to find references for all over and take advantage of the surge in tourists, but in the end more than 90 percent were people from here. About 50 of those were for my area. :) We have a lot of work to do these next few weeks!

     And then we had General Conference!! I love General Conference. For me there was a focus on the Plan of Salvation. It reminded me who I am and what Heavenly Father wants me to accomplish. One of my favorite talks was the one about Shiblon and the other about learning to hear the music of the spirit. What did you learn watching conference?

     Well, that's my week in a nutshell...

Hasta la próxima!
Hermana Thacker

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