Monday, April 27, 2015

Chicken Feet

Bueno... I'm not sure what to share or how to even express how I feel. So.... Fun stuff this week.

 -This week we have been experimenting with the pedometer. The highest count we got was 17,257 steps or 7.61 miles.

 -A dog tried to eat me. My companion laughed, and the next day a dog tried to eat her too. As the Apostle Paul exhorts, ''Guardaos de los perros.'' (Philippians 3:2) I guess this isn't a new problem for missionaries... :)

 -I thought I was going to be able to slip by through my entire mission without eating chicken feet. Then it happened.
I took my courtesy bite, but I couldn't finish it. So we asked for it to go...

 -One of the youth gave us a reference of one of his friends. This friend, Alex, has turned into one of our best investigators. Cristian(the young man) has come with us to visit him every time and even invited Alex to be baptised. It has been so neat to see Alex progress, and to see how Cristian's testimony has grown as he shares this experience with his friend.

 -Our other golden investigator is also a reference of a member. It is incredible how much impact the support of a member friend or relative can have in the life of our investigators. She has been working hard to prepare Geovanny for a whole lot more than just get baptised. I am so excited for him because of the support he has. He has great potential to stay active.

 -Oh, and we found a family! One that is actually married and very attentive!! I finally feel like everything is progressing again in my area. While it will be so very hard to leave it behind, I feel confident that things are lining up for my companion to have a successful cambia.

Bueno, hasta la proxima... ya mi ultima vez.

Hermana Thacker ​

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