Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Well, here I am on the coast again.

    Well, here I am on the coast again. It has been raining like crazy and we are learning to wade streets. I think we finally hit the rainy season. But I like my area. It is HUGE. I don't think I have even seen half of it, and only walked less than a quarter of it.

     My companion is Hna. Orozco. She's from Guatemala and is pretty awesome. With 7 months in the mission she is a very well prepared missionary. It is easy to see how much she loves the people in the area and puts her all in to serving them.

     Today we went to the beach inspite of the rain and we built a sand temple :)

     They have two branches but there is no district. The branches just belong to the mission. We are in the branch _______ and it is a neat little branch. Small, but strong.

     Here in ____ we also have the senior couple, Elder and Sister Webb. Once a week they accompany us or we accompany them to make the visits of the day. Elder and Hna. Webb are really neat. They are so filled with love and concern for every member and nonmember that lives here in ____. The trick is that they are still learning Spanish. So we get to translate for them. It is a lot harder than I ever imagined it would be. I find myself translating Spanish to Spanish and English to English. It's an adventure, and I really love visiting with the Webbs. The spirit that they bring to the lessons is incredible.

     I like it here, and we have already seen miracles. One was a couple that came with us to church. Just in the days that I have been here they have progressed incredibly. They enjoyed church, and both left so excited to bring the other couple that has been listening with them next week. To see how excited they are makes me so excited!

     Well, I like it here, I have a great companion, and we are already seeing miracles. I couldn't ask for more!

Hasta la próxima,
Hna. Thacker
3 Nov. 2014

(Answer to a question about Halloween)

No, they don't. Here witches are not make-believe... I think a good majority can tell you a story of how someone they know has been affected by black magic. So they try to avoid celebrating them. But my companion was sweet and made a little jack-o-lantern for me and gave me candy. She said that they have Halloween parties sometimes.

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