Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I can see in her eyes...

     So I have to tell you about Maria. She is progressing so fast. Every time I look at her I can see in her eyes a hunger to keep learning. Usually with investigators we have to leave chapters of the Book of Mormon to help them get started reading. Maria picked it up and took off. The other day we passed her house three times within 2 hours, and every time she was sitting out in the hammock reading. Sunday she asked where she could get ahold of a Gospel Principles manual and a hymnbook to read those too. We had a lesson and a new investigator arrived. He asked a question and the next thing we knew Maria was answering and testifying that Joseph Smith was a prophet. Walking home from church she told us that if she were single she would already be baptised. She is that eager and willing to accept the gospel. Her only problem is that she is not married to the boyfriend that she lives with. The good news is that they are already making plans to get married. She is so incredible and I am so excited for her! That was the most exciting thing that happened in my life this week.

How was your week?

Hna. Thacker

10 Nov. 2014

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