Wednesday, November 26, 2014

An Interesting Week

     It's been an interesting week. I think I'll start with Bill. Bill is one of our investigators that has been progressing and reading the Book of Mormon. However because of challenges with his wife he hasn't been able to come back to church. Thursday we had an appointment with him and the Webbs. In the shuffle of figuring out who sits where I could hear Dad's voice, ''Never get between a man and his wife.'' That worked great to help us get seated, but immediately I started thinking about how that applied to the gospel and Bill's marriage. His wife is super evangelica and we have been worried about how it would all play out with her.

     Long story short we started the lesson and the wife joins us. I was excited she that her heart had been softened to this point until her pastor showed up. Turns out it was a rescue mission orchestrated by the wife to save her husband...

     The pastor started out, ''Before we get started I just want you all to know that I love you because Christ teaches me that I should love you. Now I don't want to contend, but we believe [insert subtly boarderline contraversial statement here]...'' And paused dramatically looking at Elder Webb while waiting for me to translate what he just said.

     Bill's wife threw in a ''Why are you trying to feed a man who is already being fed?''

     And Elder Webb just stuck to bearing his testimony about the church, a restoration, and agency.

     In the end the pastor and Bill's wife left a little disillusioned. The pastor because we didn't argue or get even a little contentious and the wife because the conversation didn't leave Bill with a clear idea that he should quit looking in other churches. On the other hand, we got all of our objectives--invite him to church, start talking about the Plan of Salvation (eternal families, Adam and Eve, and agency. The pastor brought up all of these), and invite him to the baptism of the Elders.

     It was one of the craziest lessons I have witnessed. And all in Spanglish. It was fun, but I don't think anyone is really anxious for a sequel. But we'll have to see.

     The pastor did invite us to coffee... Other than our adventure of a lesson with the pastor the rest of our week was pretty calm. Until Maria and Oscar told us that they are leaving today for Cortez and from there returning to Roatan. We have their address and number to pass the reference, but that didn't make it any harder to say goodbye to them. At least we were able to plant the seed and have the chance to learn from them. I have the confidence that she is going to keep reading her Book of Mormon, and we are praying every day that they will be able to find the missionaries wherever they end up.

     In the end it really was a good week and a lot more than this happened...for example we made hamburgers with the Relief Society.

      ​(we felt really pretty with our lunch lady hats)

      And a one-eyed pigeon tried to be our pet. And we almost successfully made baleadas. twice. :) So it was a good week. It's been full of adventures and has been teaching me that God has a plan that never gets frustrated.

Pues, Hasta La Proxima! les quiero mucho!

Hna. Thacker

I don't miss freezing temperatures. I am freezing to death when heaven forbid the temperature drops to 23. Or the bank has their air conditioning set to 20 or worse... 18! I would like to see snow though. So would my companion.

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