Monday, September 1, 2014

Snow in Honduras?

It snowed in Honduras this week.


Just kidding. It's just flour. We celebrated the birthday of another hermana and the tradition here is to crack eggs filled with flour, glitter, and confetti on people's heads.

     In the end it turned into a flour fight and everyone covered. It was a lot of fun and I learned how to make the eggs... :)

     Today we took a jungle walk. Through banana trees and bamboo. In the end we avoided the corn, but I took advantage of the opportunity to stand in it for a minute. You know you're from Iowa when.... :)

     In the end this week's been a good one. Definitely a large opportunity to learn and grow. I learned how important it is to trust that God loves us and that as His children we are of infinite worth. And that as long as you can learn from it, any experience can be for your good. It is amazing how God works.

Pues, Hasta la próxima!

Hermana Thacker

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