Monday, September 8, 2014

The Spirit Is The Most Powerful Teacher.

Highlights of the week....

      -We had a neat multi-zone conference with President. The coolest thing I learned was that the Spirit is the most powerful teacher.

    -Our recent convert that got baptised two weeks ago went to the temple to do baptisms this week. -Our recent convert came with us to make some visits. Even though almost all of the appointments fell through we were still able to have some neat lessons.

     -We had an amazing lesson with our familia de oro. I don't think I've told you about them yet. It's a little family consisting of the mom, a son, his wife, and a little baby. The first time we met them was with Hna. Morales. We met the mom and she told us that a long time ago just after her mom died missionaries had taught her the Plan of Salvation. That helped her enormously then and later when her daughter died. However, the missionaries for whatever reason never returned to visit. With Hna. Morales we were never able to find them again and it took until right before this cambio started to be able to have a lesson with them. When we finally did it was powerful, and every lesson since the spirit has been there so strongly. The daughter-in-law has a million questions about how to know if there is only one true church, how to tell if someone is a true prophet or a false prophet, did Jesus Christ establish a church and what happened to it...All questions we happen to have an answers for.

    Yesterday we were able to answer her questions and she had read her reading assignment from the Book of Mormon three times. Now she has questions that can be answered with the Plan of Salvation and anxiously invited us back to help her find answers to them all. We just have to help them with the legally married part of the law of chastity and they are good.

     -I learned something neat reading a general conference talk, ''Drawing Closer to God.'' Elder Vinson explains that trials are not just for getting over, but are carefully designed opportunities to help us turn to God. He refers to the Brother of Jared building the barges and says, ''Pointedly, the Lord not only left temporarily unsolved the challenge of how to provide light, but He then made it clear that He, the Lord, would allow the buffetings and trials that necessitated its solving.'' This really struck me that Heavenly Father allows things to get difficult because He knows what valuable experiences they are.

     That's the most exciting parts of the week. If I have the chance I am going to try to send pictures, if not, next week you'll see them.

Thank you for your love, support, and letters!

Hna. Thacker

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