Monday, September 22, 2014

It Is Easier and Smarter To Trust in the Lord

    We've had a good week. We've had a couple of miracles, maciza lessons, funny experiences, and I have a new favorite scripture.

     First, one of the miracles. We stopped by to visit an investigator and she starts telling us she has been praying for guidance. Weird things have been happening in her house and her mom suggested she look for someone who has been prepared to come and pray for them. She asked if there was any way we could help her. We taught a little lesson about the priesthood, and the next day a member of stake presidency who lives close was able to come and bendecir la casa. Afterword we asked her how she felt. A little teary eyed she told us that she felt so much better.

    It was neat that when she was praying for guidance we were able to stop by and offer help.

     Funny experience... one of many this week. My companion bought a coco (coconut) at the local pulperia (kind of a little store ish.) They offered to open it up for her so she could put her straw in the top and drink the water. El hermano carefully placed the coconut, prepared the machete, and brought it down cutting just a little bit off the top to make a small hole. But as soon as he chopped the coco it began spurting coconut water all over me. I have never seen that happen before. We all busted up laughing and everyone who passed us in the street gave us the weirdest looks. Now every time we walk past the pulperia the hermano asks if we want to buy more cocos...

    New favorite scripture... Alma 38:5. Everytime I've opened my scriptures this week it always falls open to this verse. ''Ahora bien, hija mia, (Hermana Thacker), quisiera que recordaras que en proporción a tu confianza en Dios, serás liberada de tus tribulaciones, y tus dificultades, y tus aflicciones, y serás enaltecida en el postrer día.'' (English Translation). I love how it says that according to the degree of trust we have in God we will be delivered from our challenges, trials, difficulties, etc. I've been thinking about that a lot. If I put all of my trust in Him, no matter what comes I will be able overcome it. But if I am only willing to put a little bit of my trust in Him, it will be a lot harder for me to accept the way He is offering to deliver me. It's really easier and smarter to trust Him.

     Well, I wanted to send pictures, but the internet is slow...I guess you'll have to wait until next week... But thank you for your love and support!

Hasta la próxima!
Hna. Thacker

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