Monday, September 22, 2014

The Gospel Had the Power to Change Lives

     So I have to tell you more about Jonathan, our recent convert, and his family. It is amazing to see how much of an impact the gospel has made in their lives.

     The Mom: Tuesday, at the end of the day we finished up an appointment and started heading back toward the church for the english class we have every week. We didn't make it more than ten feet in that direction when my companion and I stopped dead in our tracks, looked at each other, and said, ''We have to visit Jonathan.'' We didn't have an appointment with them and we were planning on seeing them in 20 minutes in the English class, but we both felt that we needed to go and visit them in their house. So we climbed the hill and as we aproached the gate Jonathan stepped out of the house looking very serious and sad. He was followed by his little brother who was crying. As they stepped aside we could see Jonathan's mom cradling the littlest brother in her arms and crying. In an accident on a bike the three year old had fallen and cut open his head and they couldn't get the bleeding to stop. Jonathan's mom didn't know what more to do, and we didn't either, but knew that he needed a blessing. We shared a scripture to explain about priesthood blessings and with the permission of the mom we called an hermano from the ward to come and give him a blessing. In the end he was able to receive a blessing and the whole atmosphere of the house changed completely. It was a night to day change. Luis started talking more and acting more like himself, the mom was able to calm down and think clearer. The best part was that they all were able to note the difference. I felt the difference, and that strengthened my testimony too. This experience with her youngest son, coupled with the baptism of her oldest son, has really helped the mom in her progress. She was receptive before, but now is even more so.

     Jonathan: In only three weeks of being baptized he has already gone to the temple, wants to accompany us to make visits all day every day, and shared his testimony in sacrament meeting. There is nothing better than hearing a recent convert share their testimony.

     The Dad: He's joined us for only one lesson, but he has always been supportive of Jonathan. He was able to come to the baptism, but we haven't really had much more contact with him because he is always at work when we visit. However, he came to church for the very first time Sunday and got to hear Jonathan bear his testimony.

     It is incredible how they have all progressed. The gospel really has the power to change lives. I love being a missionary!

Hermana Thacker

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