Friday, August 29, 2014

Miracles always abound

​     Miracles always abound. This week Jonathan got baptised! He has been so prepared and we can see that he already has a good testimony and showed us that he is going to make a strong member. From the beginning his struggle has been running errands with his family or attending church. The afternoon of his baptism he called us at about 5 pm asking if we could move his baptism to the next Saturday because he and his family were in Lima at a birthday party of his uncle that was supposed to go until really late. We explained how moving his baptism wasn't all that simple. He said he'd talk to his family and call us back. When he hung up my companion turned to me and said, ''If he shows up we will know that he will be a strong member and that no matter what obstacle he faces he will take his responsibilities seriously.''

     And he made it! An hour and a half later he and all of his family showed up for the baptism! His mom who has been an investigator for a lot longer cried as she watched her son set the example. His little brothers both turned to their dad and said, ''Dad, I want you to baptise me next!'' Being present in the baptism really impacted the whole family. It was a little moment where I could see that they will all make it some day. I'm not sure when that will be exactly but it will pretty amazing when it comes!

     The other neat parts of the baptism were that the program was mostly made up of recent converts. Despite her fears one of my favorite hermanas in the ward, Eblin, gave the opening prayer. Hno. Cristobal who got baptised about a month before I got to Porvenir gave his very first talk. And Jonathan and his friend Wilmer got to bear their testimonies afterward.

     It was a pretty masiza week and would be impossible to share all of the miracles that happened. Just know that they did happen and that Heavenly Father's hand is in every part of this work. He is mindful of every one of His children and has the way prepared for those who are willing to seek Him.

Hna. Thacker

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