Friday, August 1, 2014

God Has a Plan That Happens To Be Filled With Miracles

God lives and He is a God of Miracles.

      We have seen so many miracles just in these last few days it is incredible. The first day of the transfer pretty much all of our appointments fell through. We spend the day mostly just looking for someone who would listen. That night I was sick and didn't sleep well, and the next day I didn't feel much better. It's hard to go out and teach when you don't feel well, but we tried anyway.

      Despite everything that happened, Heavenly Father blessed us with a miracle. In the late afternoon as we were walking to find an hermana that we contacted the day before a white car pulled up along side us. The driver rolled her window down and told us that she had with her two girls, her nieces, who she was bringing to sho them the church. She told us that she never got baptised but she's had the missionaries teach her more than a few times, she raised her kids in the church and they are all baptised, she helped her sister come into contact with the church, and now her brother-in-law has been a bishop four times. Now she wanted to bring her nieces to see what church was like because she knows how how much good it will do them. She asked if we would like to join them.

     By another little miracle the church building was unlocked and we were able to give a little tour. The spirit was there and we were able to pray with them. The herman a even got a little teary eyed, and the girls were animated to come to church with us Sunday.

      As they pulled away after our church tour Hna. De Leon looked at me and said, ''¡Yo sé que Dios vive!'' ''Y es un Dios de milagros.'' I replied. We practically floated through the rest of the evening.

      It was incredible, but even more incredible is that the miracles haven't stopped. God lives. He loves us. He has a plan. And that plan happens to be filled with miracles.

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