Monday, August 18, 2014

Valuable Life Skills

​     I learned another valuable life skill this week--mowing the lawn with a machete.

      It was one of our service opportunities for the week. The best part was that our investigator who is going to get baptized this Saturday came to help us out. The whole week he has been asking when he can accompany us to a lesson or if there is another activity he can attend. He is 13 and so excited for his baptism and to be able to pass the Sacrament too.

      Another valuable life lesson learned this week--keep focused on the main goal.

      My companion loves playing chess. She's missed playing it, so we made a chess set and she taught me how to play. I won the first time, but since then I haven't been able to win again. I always find myself trapped in just trying to delay the inevitable and eat as many of her pieces as I can. As we finished up our last game I made a comment about how difficult it is for me to plan how I am going to trap her king if I am struggling to just keep my pieces from getting eaten.

     ''What is the purpose or main goal of the game?'' She asked.

     I fumbled for a response because quite frankly I'd forgotten. ''It's not about eating pieces. Or focusing on protecting your own pieces either. The primary goal of chess is always to threaten the king. From your very first move that should be your goal.'' She then went on to explain that in the game we'd just finished I had let myself get distracted by her queen and the eminent destruction. But, if I had kept focused on the goal all of my other little problems and worries would have been resolved.

      As I thought about what she said, it was brought to my attention how this applied in my life as a missionary. Just that morning I had had a difficult little moment of feeling very inadequate and was praying for help to change the situation. I realized that that moment and the majority of the difficult moments of my mission came because I momentarily lost focus of the main goal. I lost sight of my purpose and let the enemy distract me. I get too preoccupied with fixing all of my little problems when it would be much better to focus on the main goal. It's in focusing on that purpose with heart, might, mind, and strength that all of the little things are resolved, fears forgotten, and weaknesses overcome.

     This cambio (transfer) has been pretty masizo. I have learned so much from my companion, the members, the investigators, and the experiences we've had. It has flown by and Wednesday we start a new one. I'm pretty sure I have cambios, so the next time I write It'll probably be from a new place. Or maybe an old place. We'll have to see!

Hasta la próxima!

Hna. Thacker

Chess Set 

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