Friday, August 1, 2014

My "Tangled" Experience

     Lots of stuff happened this week. Most of which I'm having a hard time remembering to tell you because I left my journal in the casa. I guess we will start with my Tangled experience...

     Just like me, my companion has been wanting to buy a comal. (It's a little pan special for cooking tortillas) The other day presented a perfect opportunity when we spied the door to door pan salesman stopped in front of the house of an investigator. I'm always a little hesitant to buy things from these guys because (1) I'm a gringa and that always means a higher price, (2) I couldn't tell you if it was good material or not, and (3) they usually talk pretty fast and I am not totally sure what I am getting myself into... But this time our investigator was buying one too, so we got to ask her about the quality, price, etc. Turns out it was a decent deal and made of durable material so my companion bought one. I had more room in my bag that she had, so I offered to carry it for her and todo cheque. We taught the lessons we had planned, stopped by the casa for lunch, and set out again.

     We sat down in our very first lesson of the afternoon, I opened my bag, and lo and behold I had forgotten to take out the comal. I took out my scriptures and tried to act like everything was normal with a nice, shiny, silver handle sticking awkwardly out of my bag, but everyone noticed. It was a lesson with a couple of 12 year olds so when they asked I tried telling them it was for self defence. We laughed, and at the end of the lesson as I was packing my bag again my companion said, ''I think it fits in my bag now.'' and took it from me. It was fun while it lasted. I really only lacked a (that animal that changes colors). And magic hair that glows.

     Our other noteworthy experience this week was with an investigator named Daisy. She lives with her husband and sons in the same house as a recent convert. When we visit the recent convert we try to invite her and her oldest son to join us. Usually she has to do laundry or cook. Something always comes up. However, in the last few weeks things have changed. We started visiting more her oldest son. We gave him the challenge to read Ether 12 and count how many times the word Faith appears. He told his mom about it and how many he found. She decided she wanted to check his work and read it too! The next time we went to visit she was waiting for us, and now is available to listen when we stop by. They are sharing more and Sunday with hardly a hesitation Daisy accepted the invitation to come and see a baptism with us. That was a miracle. They are making real progress.

     Well, I think that is a pretty good sum of the week.

Hasta la próxima!
Hna. Thacker

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