Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Opportunities

     So... lots of different relatively random thoughts... I'm still trying to order them myself, so here it goes...

     Well! I have a new area! Not exactly sure where it falls on your map of Honduras, but it is close to San Pedro I think.

     My new companion is from Bolivia and has 3 months in the mission. It will be a new adventure. Monday I will send you pictures. We live in a little house in a little guarded neighborhood and I feel like our area is a bit smaller than my previous area.

     My last weekend in la Ceiba our entire area was wrapped up in Carnival. Kind of a crazy going away party... ;) It just made it a little hard to find people... they were all at carnival. They say it is internationally famous and really it is the biggest party/festival that La Ceiba has in the year. Oh, and I kind of promised an Hermana here that next year I would come back for it so she could take us to see all of the fun stuff that we missed as missionaries.

     It was really weird saying goodbye to everyone in my area. It didn't really truly sink in that I was actually leaving until after the change meeting when I hugged the hermana who is taking my place in el Iman. I started crying there in front of her, the president's wife, my new companion, and everyone. I hope that doesn't make them worry too much... that's always the biggest concern crying in front of people.

     I think I will miss La Ceiba, but I am excited for this new opportunity to get to know another area full of wonderful people. It will be an adventure to say the least!

Hasta La Proxima!
Hna. Thacker

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