Monday, June 30, 2014

Change of Perspective

     Hola, so we made it back from San Pedro Sula safely. And soon I think I will get a little card that says I can be here in Honduras for the rest of my 18 months. It was a pretty exciting way to spend p-day.

     This week's been a lot more calm. My companion got news that her family was doing much better and her stress level dropped back to normal.

     The most exciting part was our Conferencia de Hermanas. All of the hermanas in this half of the mission got together for a neat little program about exercising, eating healthy, and modesty. I was taught that usually I just need a change of perspective. Usually I lose motivation to exercise in the mornings and eat vegetables, but they put it in terms of obedience and love. Do you love the Lord enough to show gratitude for the body you have? Do you love Him enough to be obedient to the schedule set for exercise? It was kind of a big machete (missionary talk for, well, I guess it would be a guilt trip... Most effective when complete with scriptures and bearing testimony). In the end it was a very good conference and I learned un monton.

     As part of this conference there was a cooking demonstration and the sister training leaders wanted to duplicate our little kitchens. Our Sister Training leaders had to leave directly for La Ceiba after the conference, so they asked Hna. Morales and I to bring our little stove...

     This is after the rapidito and before the bus. Rapiditos are revamped 15 passenger vans. Minimum capacity: 25. That's an adventure all on it's own. Now add a little two burner electric stove... And I can guarantee that a stove is not the weirdest thing that someone's brought along.

     You asked about investigators and the truth is the majority have to get married before they can progress further. But there is a neat little family of two aunts that have never married caring for their neice and nephew that we have been teaching. The are so receptive!

      This is Gisselle, Farix, and Claudia. Sister, brother, cousin. They are probably progressing most out of all of our investigators (Except Claudia, she's already a member).

     I don't think this has been a very cohesive email, but that's basically the week in a nutshell.

Hasta la proxima!
Hna. Thacker

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