Monday, June 9, 2014

Things I learned this week...

Things I learned this week...

 --You know those big yellow school busses? They usually have a maximum capacity number painted up front. This week I learned that number is really a poor estimation... You can actually fit more than double that, plus everyone's stuff... We happened to be carrying a pizza box... I would liken it unto trying to squeeze two cans of sardines into an even smaller can than you started with.

--A whole bunch of little rules set up to protect the actual rules passed down from generation to generation creates an interesting problem. The little rules have surfaced in this area. Last Monday a member gave us a ride to go and pick up pizza. Halfway there his car broke down, and as he called help we jumped out and I got ready to help push. When my companion realized what I was doing she told me, ''I think theres a rule that we can't push cars!'' She was a little surprised when I told her that we got him into this mess, so we are going to help him out of it... She was afraid to act becuase of the little rules that have been passed down that don't actually exist. Most of the time the little extra rules that are not in the handbook turn out to be silly. Some even originally started because a senior companion or district leader didn't want to allow their companion do something....

--After months of practicing teaching people and praying in Spanish it is pretty awkward to try in English. English was a language study practice for the Latinos in our district.

--There are a whole bunch of houses here built up on cement pillars. I thought it was for flooding. This week I learned it is for earthquakes. We didn't have an earthquake, but I didn't realize that that was an issue here.

--Repentance requires a change of attitude and way of thinking.

--If you leave the water in your pila (cement sink/washboard combination that everyone has instead of a washing machine) more than 3 days you grow mosquitos in it.

 --It is amazing how many second chances Heavenly Father is willing to give us.

--Honduran pigs in a blanket consist of a hot dog wrapped in a corn tortilla, fried, smothered in refried beans, and topped with creme (A reeeeaaaaallly mild form of sour cream. I think.)

--My companion has to avoid grease/oil/fat and flour if she wants to avoid a hospital stay... The problem is that here you can't say a meal was cooked unless it involves a good amount of shortening...

--I really am a nerd.

 --Singing a solo in Sacrament Meeting isn't nearly as scary as I thought, but I don't plan on doing it again. I got asked to lead the music acapella. In front of everyone. That meant I had to give the tune before we started singing...

--Missions are about stepping out of your comfort zone. --If you can't cook a hamburger in Honduras that doesn't make you un-American.

--You can always find the bright side if you look for it. There are always beautiful parts of the day. It doesn't matter how small they are, they are always there.

--Hope is a whole lot more than a shallow wishing something would happen. It is trusting Heavenly Father and His promises. Trusting that you can truly repent and be forgiven through the Atonement. Having hope requires faith and diligence and is what allows us to have peace and joy in the midst of trial.

 What did you guys learn this week?

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