Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Gospel Makes Us Happy

Well, the most important thing that happened this week was a baptism!

     So there is a recent convert that got baptised last February with her youngest son. She is amazing! She has such great faith and a strong testimony that this is the only true church. Verbally and by their example, she and her son have been sharing the gospel with their family. A few weeks ago they began to see the fruits of their labors when the second to youngest son started to come to church with them. 

     Wednesday this Hermana called us and asked if we could prepare everything because her son wanted to get baptised Saturday. ''I know you need to teach him and all, but he wants to get baptised Saturday,'' she told us. So in the end we showed up to formally teach him the lessons and Saturday he got baptised. He already had a testimony thanks to the wonderful example of his mom and younger brother.

     Attached is the picture. It makes me so happy that you can see that they are so happy! They actually smiled! (well, sort of. That's kind of a cultural thing that is difficult to explain, but take my word for it...They are smiling).

     The gospel makes us happy.

     This experience taught me how much of an impact the example of two good people can have. And the power of a mother's testimony has to change the lives of her children. It's been a good week. 

Hasta La Proxima,
Love, Hna. Thacker

ps. Have you shared the He is the Gift video yet?

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