Sunday, December 14, 2014


Well, we don't have changes, so Hna. Orozco and I will be here for Christmas! And New Years! :) 

     Oh, and I forgot to share that our zone had a fun service project on the beach last week. We worked with a bunch of conservationists to plant coconuts--palm trees?--on the beach. It was fun and attracted quite a bit of attention. Three local news stations and the mayor came to see what we were doing.

     It was an adventure. The rest of the week members of the branch kept saying, ''Hey, I saw you guys on TV!''

      Oh, and I also wanted to tell you about Indira. We started visiting a part of our area that hasn't been worked in for a while, and we have been finding person after person who is an inactive member. I had no idea that there were so many members in this neighborhood. One of them is Indira. Her whole family are members, but she's been the most receptive. We felt like we had to kind of start from the beginning with her because she didn't remember much, but now she is progressing so well. It is neat to see her change and her attitude. Sometimes inactive members who start to become active again come at it with a wishy-washy attitude. They look at it as a ''we'll give this a second go, but if we don't like it or don't feel comfortable there is always returning to where we are at.'' Indira on the other hand, has had the attitude that if she is going to come back she is going to come back for good. It is so exciting! Yesterday we talked about missionary work with her and invited her to come with us to visit and teach. She smiled and said she was wanting to, but wondering if we were ever going to ask! Working with people like her is so much more fun. Attitude makes all the difference.

     Well, that's all I had. Not much more has happened in the days since I wrote you last... Just cambios. They were helping us develop Christlike attributes this time around becuase they didn't tell us if we had changes or not until YESTERDAY at 9:25 PM. Cambios were today, at 9 AM. It was quite stressful. We had no idea what to do with ourselves waiting for the text...

     Well, I think that's all for real this time. Love you!

Hasta la proxima,
Hna. Thacker

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