Sunday, March 30, 2014

This Is Where I Need To Be!

     So... my goal to go to the beach every day was short-lived. Tuesday in our district/zone meeting the first announcement was that we are not allowed to go to the beach and especially not allowed to touch the water. Makes exercising in the morning a lot less appealing.
      In other sad news, one of our pet geckos died yesterday in an incident with the bathroom door. Still not sure what happened, but now we are down to one gecko (that I know of). It was kind of sad to listen to the other gecko clicking away solo last night. At least we have one to eat the bugs.
     On the bright side... I tried Sopa de Avena. It is a Colombian dish my companion made with papas (potatoes), zanahoria (carrots), cebolla (onion), habichuela (string beans), avena (oats), salt, pepper, and water. You chop up all of the ingredients and then boil it.... tada! Oatmeal Soup! Serve with banana. Not gonna lie. I was a little doubtful, especially of the eating it with a banana, but it was pretty good. Good enough that I might make it on my own sometime.
     We had the opportunity to help an old man weed a garden with a machete, and later taught him and his employer a short lesson. The employer has studied with Jehovah's Witnesses, has Parkinson's, has issues with continuing revelation, and asked us about evolution. We set a return appointment with them and I am kind of excited... I mean, he's jumped right to evolution! This should be an interesting experience!
     I have come to realize that my Spanish is to the point that general conversation is possible. However most times I forget that that doesn't automatically extend to being able to talk about biology, geology, literature, Old Testament culture, and the weather. I am working on it. Poco a poco.
     To celebrate the anniversary of the Relief Society all of the hermanas dressed as pioneers and the youth danced a western line dance. It's always neat to see the Honduran twist to pioneer clothes and western line dancing. ...We had a really neat mini lesson with an hermana here in the ward who is trying to decide if a mission is what she needs to do. The Spirit was powerful, and it reminded me of my experiences being taught by missionaries. It is amazing what we are able to learn and understand when we let the Spirit teach!
     And last but not least, I still have a testimony that this is where I need to be! I know that the Lord has the master plan, and that when we are humble enough to let Him lead we can reach our divine potential!
     Thank you for your love and support!

Until the proxima,

Hna. Thacker

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