Saturday, March 15, 2014

A New Companion!

    So... I have a new companion! Hermana Calpa is from Columbia and has 6 months in the mission. She spent all 6 of those months in a pueblito called Olanchito, so this is her second area. She is really happy and has a lot of faith that we will see miracles here this transfer!

     Here in this awfully dark photo we are drenched and wearing trash bags. We just finished a lesson and it began to pour. The investigator we were with offered the trashbags, but in the battle between the trash bags and the rain, the rain won. Once we were sufficiently soaked and decided it was best to return home and change we totally had a water fight. The whole neighborhood and the visiting sisters from Roatan all thought we were crazy, but it was fun!

     I learned something neat this week about how Heavenly Father answers prayers. Pres. Klein, in a suprise conference we had this week, told us that Heavenly Father always answers directly when it is a matter of physical or spiritual safety. Like in the case of the Brother of Jared. He came to the Lord with two questions/concerns--how they could have air in the boats and how they could take light with them. His prayer about air was answered clearly and immediately. Air holes were a matter of life or death. On the other hand, light was something meant to improve their quality of life there on the boats. In this case the Lord provided the Brother of Jared with all of the necessary tools and turned it over to him to figure out how to make it work. President likened this to a teacher in an art class that provides the canvas, the paints, the brushes, and tells the students to get to work. In reality it doesn't matter what they paint, but rather that they act and learn how to paint. The Lord isn't leaving us totally alone, but instead He is trusting us to use our agency and become ''anxiously engaged in a good cause'' (D&C 58:27) What a blessing!

 Well, Hasta la proxima!
 Hna. Thacker

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