Monday, March 17, 2014

Other Pets

     So you asked about other pets, and last week off the top of my head I couldn't remember if there were any other than the cockroaches. But as soon as we got home I was reminded of the creatures in the cupboards. We have at least one pair of geckos that live in the kitchen cupboards, but it's OK they don't eat much. Our Jehovah's Witness friend told us that about the ants in his candy jar and I'd assume it goes for the geckos too.

     I don't remember if I've told you about the Jehovah's Witnesses we taught... He's from Denmark and she's from Honduras. He's not really interested in listening to us and hides when we come.. until the end when he can offer us candy.  We visited his wife last week and left a Book of Mormon. This week we returned and she had read it all up through the h's in La Guia Para El Estudio de las Escrituras. ALL of it. In a week. Then she tried to give it back to us. Her husband doesn't really like it that we are teaching her, and I think she was trying to give it back to appease him. That is one of the hardest things--when the family is so opposed that investigators quit progressing. Ultimately, we left the book and planted the seed. We will keep visiting them every once in a while, and I hope that eventually they both will accept the gospel.

     Well, this was a little short this week, but here's a picture...


     It's my goal this week to go to the beach every day. Since it falls in our area, if we get out and exercise every morning like we are supposed to I can!

     Yeah, the last couple of days it seems like I tanned a whole lot more. It is kind of funny... The Latinos say that tanned is burned. Here the goal is to look as white as possible. So all of them talk about how burned they are because they have tan lines! My only goal is to not look like a lobster....

Well, until next week!
Hna. Thacker

 ¡Lo maravilloso es que el evangelio realmente es verdadero!

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