Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Pure Joy and Sweetness That Is Attainable If We Seek Him Makes Everything Worth It

     This week is weird because of cambios on Wednesday. Today we have half of a P-day...just long enough to write a little bit and do some laundry. If neither I nor my companion gets transferred we will get the other half of our p-day. I don't think that we will change, but Hna. Tajiboy thinks she will. Tonight in the evening we find out. If nothing changes I will write more on Wednesday.

     The day that stands out the most this week was Thursday. In the morning we had a big meeting for all of the missionaries who are currently training and those who will be training the next transfer. Hna. Tajiboy and I were asked to fill in for the sister training leaders who were stuck on Roatan, and we talked about how to better use Preach My Gospel.

     The theme of the meeting was focused on how it all starts with the missionary. If the missionary doesn't take the time to learn the gospel, they can't teach it. If they can't teach the truth, the Spirit can't bear testimony of the truth. If the Spirit doesn't bear testimony of it, the faith of the listener can't grow. Without faith there is no repentance. No repentance, no baptism. So.. It all begins with the missionary. It reminded me of a devotional by Elder Holland that we watched in the MTC. He told us that the purpose of Preach My Gospel is to convert the missionary first. Once the missionary is truly converted they will have the words and understanding to teach and convert others. That's why it is important to study it even if you are not currently serving as a missionary. It is divinely inspired to strengthen your faith whatever stage you are at. I've really learned from personal experience how true this is!

     After the meeting we had interviews, and then President Klein accompanied us to visit a family that we are teaching (Levi and Veronica, Have I mentioned them?) It was such an amazing lesson filled with the Spirit! We talked about how obedience and seeking to live the way God wants us to live with faith patience and diligence the reward is so much greater than we can imagine. The pure joy and sweetness that is attainable if we seek Him makes everything worth it. The Spirit bore witness and we could see in their faces that they felt it too.

      Well, I need to go... I hope to write more on Wednesday!

To be continued...

  We don't have transfers, so Hna. Tajiboy and I get to stay here! I am so grateful! Hna. only has two transfers left and she's hoping she can finish her mission here. I'm hoping that means we can stay companions until she leaves, but we will see. I hope that we both get to stay here to see Levi, Veronica, and José Constantino baptized. They are all still progressing and studying the Book of Mormon. The other day we met with Veronica, and she told us that Levi doesn't go anywhere without his copy of the Book of Mormon and the Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Feilding Smith book he got when he came to church. I love visiting them because I can see in their eyes how hungry they are to learn more and more and more. This is amazing to me. The Book of Mormon is really key and is so very true. Once investigators begin reading it they are sooooo much more willing to take any other required step. I love it!

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