Monday, January 6, 2014

'Tengo que morir de algo.'' --I have to die of something

¡Hola! ¡Feliz año nuevo!

     Biggest news of the week: We moved! My companion has been talking about moving since I got here. I didn't like the idea becuase I felt like where we were was sufficient and seemed to be nice and new. Last week she arranged for us to look at an apartment and when I finally realized how serious my companion was I panicked and prayed. I certainly didn't have the words to be able to express my concerns and questions to Hna. Tajiboy, but once I prayed I felt at peace with it and was able to communicate with her. This Thursday we moved and it has turned out to be a much better deal. We more than doubled the amount of windows which means a whole lot more light and plenty of fresh air! We also learned that there is a lot of mold we left behind in the old apartment that Hna. Tajiboy was having some sort of allergic reaction to.

     Food stories for the week: I tried sugar cane. The son of the woman we were visiting left the house with a machete and when he came back he had a loooong stick of something that he started cutting into sections for his daughters. When they found out I had never had raw sugar cane before he broke off a huge chunk. I didn't honestly care for it. As we left I tried to share it with my companion. She told me she would rather wait until she could wash it first. Red Flag. She asked if I had any water, and when I replied that I did not she took the chunk of sugar cane from me and said, ''Tengo que morir de alto.'' --I have to die of something--Comforting words coming from a Latina companion.

     I also tried cow liver. Hoping that I don't have to eat that again...

    Biggest miracles of the week:  I bore my testimony in Sacrament Meeting, in Spanish. Here in this ward the whole family goes together to bear their testimonies. Mom, dad, and kids of all ages stand around the microphone and take turns sharing their individual testimonies. Somewhere in the middle of the meeting my companion turned to me and asked when we were going up. Next thing I know we are up on the stand waiting our turn. Here was the freak-out moment. Sitting on the stand looking out on the congregation I was seriously worried that as soon as I stood up I was going to forget any and all Spanish I had ever learned in my entire life. So, I said a prayer, took a deep breath, and trusted. I probably only spoke for about thirty seconds and I am sure my Spanish wasn't anywhere near flawless, but I was able to share my testimony!

     In the weeks that I have been here, our area really hasn't had any real progressing investigators until this week. This was the biggest miracle of all. We found a man who has totally been prepared. Last week we taught him once and he seemed to be pretty attentive so we left him a Book of Mormon and asked if he would read it. This week we went back to visit him and he had already read through  1 Nephi 14 and understood what he read. Next thing we knew he was telling us Lehi's dream and what it all meant. We invited him to church, and he was actually ready when we showed up to pick him up. He enjoyed the meetings and we've invited him and his daughters to a Family Home Evening at the Patriarch's house.

     I know that this is truly Heavenly Father's work and the more I trust Him, the more I will be able to be an instrument in His hands! Until next week!

Con cariño,
Hna. Thacker

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