Monday, January 13, 2014

"Mom, can we go to church?"

So the past couple of weeks I've been trying to keep a little sticky note to keep track of the things that I want to tell you in my letter. However when I got to about Thursday I realized I hadn't written anything down yet. So, if this is a little jumbled, bear with me...

     This week we waded rivers, rescued a kitten, had divisions, and have fantastic progressing investigators. Tuesday it POURED. We were drenched head to toe and through every layer. It was quite the adventure because the roads filled with water that was at least ankle deep and it was a constant struggle trying to decide how worth it, it was to fight with the wind for a small amount of protection from the umbrella. We tried to make visits until the point that we realized no one was going to let us in and sit on their couch in the condition that we were in...

     We had divisions with the Sister Training Leaders this week, and to be honest I wasn't all that excited. It turned out to be exactly what I needed though, and I learned lots. This week ended fantastically. All of a sudden we have felt much more support from the members and awesome investigators that are progressing. I think last week I told you about the hermano who is all the way through first Nephi. Besides him we have a super pilas family and another hermana who is reading the Book of Mormon. We have been teaching the dad of the family the longest, but he didn't really start progressing nearly as much until we started teaching him and his wife together. Our appointments with them have really fallen into place with just the right member accompanying us and lessons that fill their needs.
     The Lord has been guiding every part of our work with them and it has been amazing to see. Their daughter is a month away from turning 3 and she's probably the reason the dad came to church with us yesterday. Last week her mom told us that Angeline kept saying, "Mom, are we going to go to church?" "Mom, can we go to church?" This week Levi (the dad) came to church and brought Angeline. Every time we come to visit them Angeline is so excited to see us and makes sure her chair is ready so she can listen too. She has even started imitating us. The other day during the lesson she got up and ran across the room to grab a pamphlet we had left in another visit and a purse to put it in. Then she went and sat in her little chair, folded her arms, bowed her head, and acted like she was praying. Next she pulled out her pamphlet and flipped through it while talking about the pages. I realized watching her that our visits have really made an impact whether or not they get baptized.

     This week really was one of the best ones I've had so far. We have been even more obedient and more united, and as a result we have seen even more miracles. I learned through study and application this week that it requires faith to be obedient, and if faith is required for miracles, when we are obedient we will see miracles.

Well, Until next week!

 Hna. Thacker

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