Monday, December 16, 2013

I learned why the Spanish word for address is dirección...

... Usually that's about all they can give you to help you find their house...

I've learned that we are in a poorer part of the city that has a bunch of little neighborhoods that are within blocks from the sea. We live no more than 5 blocks from the ocean. Hna. Klein said that our mission is 80 percent rural and 20 percent city. I'm in the 20 percent city part and so we have a nice apartment with running water and a working shower. 

I wish I had some pictures to show you, but I haven't taken all that many yet. It is plenty warm and humid, but we are currently in a cold spell... My companion keeps telling me how in April is when it starts to get really hot. 

 Here, in order to not offend your hostess you eat everything she puts on your plate, and if she offers more you should probably take it too. That is actually kind of hard. Like yesterday's lunch. We had sopa de marisco. Crab, fish, caracol... caracol is conch. Like the animal that lives in the conch shell. They eat that here and don't worry I tried it so you don't have to. Honestly it was pretty gross. It was a tough texture that was hard and chewy.  My companion and the elders that were with us helped me finish the chunks of meat in my soup.

Here you also greet everyone with a kiss. The elders are lucky because they get out of it, but for the hermanas, we always greet other women with a kiss on the cheek. My companion was surprised to find out that we do not do that in the US, or even make much physical contact. 

Here I have been reminded the power of Hymns. Whenever we go anywhere we ask if we could sing them a hymn. Even those who at first don't seem really receptive to listening to us will agree to a Christmas hymn, and afterword they will give us time. The hymns bring a spirit that touches their hearts and allows us to share a message with them. It is lovely!

It is different and difficult, but I am so grateful to be here. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve! 

Love You! 
Hermana Thacker

I like where we live because it seems pretty nice compared to the houses that we've seen, but my companion wants to move. We only have two windows. One in the front room and one small one in the bathroom. My companion doesn't like the fact that we don't get much natural light in the morning. 

My companion is 22 and in her 14th month in the mission. She is a convert and until recently her parents weren't members. They both got baptized while she's been on her mission, and in May after she gets back they will be able to go to the temple.

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