Friday, December 13, 2013

Honduras is so beautiful!


I finally made it to my area. This afternoon we had a long bus ride from the transfer meeting to here. This means we drove a good portion across the populated part of our mission I think. Honduras is so beautiful!

My companion is from Guatemala and her name is Hna. Tajiboy. President Klein talks highly of her. She doesn't speak much English and I don't speak all that much Spanish, so it will be an adventure! She said tonight we have dinner and I will get to try Honduran food. 

Quite honestly its a bit overwhelming, but esta bien I am excited to be here! Hna. Pratt (the wife of the MTC president) taught a lesson in relief society one of my first weeks in the MTC. She talked about looking for patterns in the scriptures/gospel. Her major example was the Pattern of the Garden of Eden. We start out somewhere safe and we progress there as much as we can. Then we are thrust out into the lone and dreary world where we can grow. She said that coming to the MTC was like leaving the garden. New circumstances and challenging experiences to learn from, but once they become familiar and easily handled the MTC becomes our new Garden of Eden. Once again we are cast out into our mission. Here's where I am. It's overwhelming, but it is part of the process and so much growth is waiting in this new, challenging experience. 

Love you! 

Con amor, 
Hna. Thacker

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