Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Miracles Make The Hard Moments Worth It

This week in a nutshell...

     It rained.

     We walked. (More than normal).

     Zulma braided our hair. It was a little adventure. And she's teaching us Garifuna. So far I've only got, ''Vuiti Binafi'' It means ''Good morning.'' She also macheted us. (machete--means to call to repentance sharply. Best done with a scripture.) She called us out for showing up late to church sometimes. We tried to explain that we had to stop by and pick up investigators, but she didn't want to hear excuses. The good news is that we made it early this Sunday. :)

     I had to stop my companion from jumping a fence. (In her defense it did look like the only way to get to the door... but luckily we found the gate before that got too awkward.)

     We struggled finding people who wanted to listen to us, but when they did we had some neat lessons.

     One of those lessons we talked about Pres. Monson's talk from the last General Conference. The spirit was definitely there as we talked about walking as Jesus walked, but my favorite part was when the hermana allowed us to put it into practice and help her out.

     Sunday was a day of miracles. The whole week we fell into a little rut, feeling unsuccessful and not knowing what to do about it. We didn't have anyone to pick up Sunday so I was a bit worried our investigators would make it. Then in route we passed by the house of a couple of investigators and they were already up and getting ready. When we arrived Elder Webb came running out to tell us that a inactive couple that we visited with them Thursday had made it. Right behind us came another less active hermana and her son. We still started Sacrament Meeting without investigators, but by the end more than we ever dreamed had shown up. My favorite was when Leslie, an inactive member, showed up hauling her kids, niece, and neighbor with her. The kids, niece, and neighbor were all new investigators that we needed, and Leslie was so happy and excited to be there. She had come because we visited her Saturday with a sister from the branch. This sister knew her well and had all of the words she needed to help animate Leslie to come to church.

      It was amazing how all of the miracles Sunday made all of the hard moments in the week worth it. Well, In the end we had a pretty great week. How was yours?

Hna. Thacker

Excerpt from letter to parents:

     Things were a crazy this week, but in the end I enjoyed it. Even though there were hard moments every day, we also had little funny moments, and spiritual experiences. One that made me laugh was when we were walking down the road I accidentally hit myself in the face with my umbrella. My companion laughed so hard she stopped walking for a minute. But Karma is my friend because no more than five minutes later she did the same thing. This time we both had to stop walking for a minute to laugh.

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