Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

     Happy New Year!!! Here New Year's was a lot happier and more exciting than Christmas. Talking to my companion we came to the conclusion that Christmas is a hard holiday because of all of the family that they have lost in the year. It's easier to not get together and be reminded who is missing. On the other hand, New Year brings a hope that this year will be different than the last. That's something to celebrate. It was fun even though we missed out on the majority of the tamales. 

      Yesterday we had a baptism! Zulma got baptised! She is Garifuna and pretty cool. It was so exciting because of her deep desire to be baptised. She told us that she looked and looked and looked for ways to leave her past behind to truly repent and feel forgiven. As she began to receive the gospel her life changed, and after her baptism she said she felt at peace. I am so grateful we had the opportunity to teach her. I have learned so much about how much Heavenly Father loves every one of His children and how the gospel can change lives.

      This picture is a picture of our zone and a zone from Ceiba. It is taken from a really cool tower on the beach. New favorite place.

      Well, love you lots, and best of luck setting goals for who you want to be this year!

Hermana Thacker

This was part of another letter where she answered some questions.

     The husband of the family didn't make it this week, but we think he is in Progreso in the hospital with his 100 yr old grandmother. She's the one who raised him and when she got sick early this week he took off to take care of her. We still have hope, and we were able to talk to his wife this week and she explained what parts of the gospel he doesn't understand or agree with yet. That helps us so much.

     The Baptism went well. A little crazy because it was set for 7am Sunday before church. We had a little scare just before it started, but everything came together. Seeing her joy made everything worth it. :)

     From the point of view of a missionary, it makes me so happy to see members of the ward show up. When they show up I have a lot more hope that our new convert isn't going to be left alone once we leave the area. As me, I love the spirit that is there, too. It strengthens my testimony and desires to share the gospel. Just watching the person who is going to be baptised I want to help everyone I can feel that same joy that that person is experiencing. I love it!

     The Dey family came for the wedding of a foreign exchange student who lived with them, I think? They took advantage of the trip to be able to do something for the two branches. They don't have any connections in the branches as far as I know.

     I felt overwhelmed thinking about resolutions this year too. I think that's why in Preach my Gospel it talks about how to set goals and make plans to reach them. To start with a ''In a year I want to...'' complemented with this week/month/transfer I am going to do ________. But that is still hard. My challenge is remembering the goals I have set. I need a way to post them where I can remember, but where it's not so public either. The other day I did find a paper where I had written goals, and even though I had forgotten about the paper and the goals I could see how I had grown in these areas.

    Well I am rambling....

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