Sunday, May 4, 2014

Unexpected Trip

    This will be a quick short one... I will probably write more tomorrow... because you see.... we happen to be chillin' in the other mission... San Pedro Sula West...
     For the last 4 months of her mission, my companion has been dealing with feet that are super swollen and pain that started in her feet and has worked its way up to her back, too. Finally last week she included in her weekly letter to Pres. Klein that all of this was going on, and Sunday morning at 6:35 am the mission nurse called to say that we should leave here at 1:00 with another companionship from our district, stay the night with some hermanas, and report for doctors appointments the next morning in San Pedro. So here we are... The mission office and the specialists really are within the boundaries of the West mission (as far as I understand). It's been an adventure! The good news is that the doctor prescribed some medicine and some arch-insert things that should fix the problem. Tonight or tomorrow we return to our areas.
     Other great news that I am so very excited to share is that Anita got baptized! (the picture is coming later) She has a lot more support than I imagined. Turns out it was only the one sister that she didn't want to know that she was getting baptized. The brother and sister-in-law that she lives with know and support her and her daughter was happy for her, too. The hermano who baptized her turns out to be a childhood friend of Anita's brother and was very excited to learn that she was going to get baptized. ¡Super Masizo! Well, I'll probably write more tomorrow... And the next time I write I have a few pictures to send. So... hasta la proxima!

Hna. Thacker

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