Monday, July 14, 2014

Another Transfer

     Well, this last week my companion had a birthday. In spanish you say that she completed another year of life..
    But anyway, everyone wanted to throw her a little birthday party. In the end I think she had 4 birthday cakes. We helped make one of them. In estilo catracho. I had no idea that extended to baking too... You have to understand that here food isn't cooked or even prepared well if it doesn't have oil or shortening. And a lot of it. I was a little shocked by that at the beginning... You can also buy oil by the pound in your local pulpería (it's a convenience store/grocery store). The cake we helped make was from a mix and everyone knows that the mixes require a little bit of oil... Well the hermana that we were helping sent us to the pulpería to bring a pound of oil... she then proceeded to pour at the very least half of the bag into the mixer. However the suprise doesn't end there. Next we made frosting with crushed ice. It turned out a lot like whipped cream topping. Just more dense. I wish I had picture to share with you. I'll have to ask my companion to send me one...

     As for this week... We already finished another transfer. Every transfer feels faster than the one before. My companion had cambios and now I am with Hna. De Leon. She's from Guatemala. She has one more tranfer here in Honduras than I do, but when we count my transfer in the MTC it means that we go home at the same time. She's fun and after President told us that my companion had transfers I was guessing my new companion would either be her or another guatemalteca. Hna. De Leon was in my district in La Ceiba for the first half of my last transfer there, so we already knew each other a little. I am excited for this new change.

     Other exciting mission news is that a senior couple came this transfer! They're from Spanish Fork and don't speak Spanish yet. But they are learning, and and more than willing to practice with what they've got. That means that they'll be able to learn it. Being willing to try is the key that makes all the difference. Well, next week my goal is to send you some pictures.

Hasta la próxima!
Hna. Thacker

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