Sunday, April 20, 2014

6 Months! I love it!

      Four of the Misquitos we have been teaching got baptised! We began teaching them at the beginning of the transfer. They showed me that there really are prepared people waiting in this area. It is such a blessing to have had the opportunity to help them get to this point!
     Another miracle... Anita came to church again! She told us Saturday that she was probably not going to be able to come because with the cold weather we've been having with the rain her bad foot hurt. My companion looked her in the eye and told her, if she made the effort to come to church her foot wouldn't hurt and she would be able to make it to church. Sunday when we passed by her house she was ready and waiting, pain free.
     This week we had divisions again with the Sister Training Leaders. I had the opportunity to work with Hna. Tajiboy again for a day. Wednesday is her last day in the mission, and also cambios for us. Tonight we find out if one of us has transfers or we get to stay.
     And cambios means that I have hit 6 months. I can hardly believe it. I have seen many miracles and am so very grateful for this opportunity to see them daily. Sometimes they are not so dramatically noticeable. Really the most remarkable miracles are changes in people. The change as they make covenants, the change as they are brought to a remembrance of their covenants, and the changes that are always evident as someone comes closer to Christ. I love it! I love the role I get to play in it as a missionary!

Hasta la próxima!
Hna. Thacker

 Part 2
     The latest seafood I've tried is ceviche. It has onion, tomato, spices, and caracol all chopped up into little pieces. Then they squeeze lime juice all over it and let it sit for a few minutes before serving. We used the little freshly made corn tortilla chips to scoop it up and eat it. No fork. No cooking... We've had it twice and I realized that I am getting to the point that I don't mind eating it. If I had the choice I'd still choose not to eat it, but it is much easier to eat when I'm given it.
      I finally found caracoles to bring home as evidence that I truly ate the creature that lives inside... The really big one I'll probably leave behind because it is the same size of my head, but I found some pretty, smaller ones too.
     Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that the no beach order was a misunderstanding on the part of the elders. What was really meant was no touching the water. So, we still go to the beach sometimes, and that's where I found the conch shells. :) Also, we didn't have cambios, so today I start another transfer here with Hermana Calpa :)

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