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Week Two in the MTC

13 November 2013
I can totally imagine the robot voice.. I laughed out loud :)
Quick question, what exactly happened in the Phillipines? We watched a live devotional from the MTC in Provo yesterday. The Elder that prayed in the beginning prayed for the people there, and then Elder L. Tom Perry mentioned a tsunami. He said that yesterday morning the Quorum of the 12 spent most of their meeting thanking Heavenly Father that all of the missionaries were safe. He told us that there was a stake president that found all of the missionaries on his little island and provided trasport to get them to the airport. Once at the airport the missionaries, who all had tickets, couldn't get on the plane because everyone else was trying to leave too. A millitary cargo plane had arrived at about the same time as the missionaries and the commander came to see what was the matter. He looked at the missionaries, looked back at his plane, and said 'I've got a plane, lets go.' In three trips he transported all 24 missionaries safely back to Manilla. Elder Perry said, ''Coincidence? ABSOLUTELY NOT!'' It is amazing how the Lord protects and provides for His missionaries!

Me and My companions in front of the Mexico City Temple
This week has flown a lot faster! This week we have two investigators to teach but we have only taught one. It has been an exciting challenge bringing three wills to one in a lesson. Even though we all have the same purpose and end goal we each have our own way of getting there. We've learned the importance of planning. When we have a plan for how we are going to achieve our purpose and know what roles we each have the lessons go much smoother and are much more coherent. My companion,  Hna. Miller said that she's learned much more about how amazing it is that the Godhead is united in will and purpose. It is nearly impossible to get anything accomplished no matter how united you are in purpose unless you are united in will.
The Peanut Butter and Nutella Station
            Real quick, I'll tell you about the food. Every meal they have two options, a Latino option and an American option. So this morning I had ham and cheese rolled in a tortilla for breakfast. Lunch is the biggest meal and is usually the best. Here they are totally not afraid of reusing\using up what they have. For example, Monday night for dinner we had hot dogs. Tuesday morning for breakfast we had papas con salchicha (potatoes with cut up hot dogs). Tuesday for lunch la ensalada had cut up hot dogs in it. Tuesday for dinner, as a side to huge slices of pizza, we had a pasta dish with... cut up hot dogs in it... I really do love that they don't let anything go to waste. Also, at breakfast and dinner they have a peanut butter and Nutella station. Last week when we served in the Comedor(cafeteria), we were in charge of preparing that station. We got out 8 brand new jars of peanut butter and 10 new jars of Nutella. I wish I had a picture of the pantry shelves where they keep the Nutella and peanut butter.
            Oh, to answer your question about the temple. We had the option of having the head set to hear it in English, but I just listened in Spanish. My companions had 3-4 years of Spanish, but it was still rough in the beginning.  
            Lastly, before I try to send some pictures, this week for service we worked in the laundry folding bedding. I learned how to fold fitted sheets! Once you know it is actually pretty easy. It was actually pretty cool.

Con cariño, Hermana Thacker
PS. Funny story... my companion was teaching our investigator about how he needed to take steps of faith, but she kept saying pesos de fe. Finally he looked at her with a really puzzled look and said ''¿pasos?  She was so embarrassed. That’s OK though, an elder in our district  always said pasas which are raisins.
My MTC District
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